Delivery Management


Follow all your logistics processes with our easy to use mobile application. Reach information in real time, in an easy way.

Real-time traceability

Motion tracking

Activity tracking

Proactive action planning

Predictive analysis

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  • Order Collection and Distribution Infrastructure
  • Selection from pool orders Ø Order order
  • Order summary
  • Fast & easy operation with Forward & Back functions
  • Assignment of orders to the courier or the order acceptance process of the courier
  • Courier & Vehicle location tracking Ø Route setting and tracking
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Bill of Lading
  • Carton detail entry screen
  • Different types of containers
  • New Order entry via mobile device (with different delivery address)
  • Order completion
  • Real-time central office monitoring
  • Courier printing / printing with bill of lading
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